Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Agreements are energetic ties to others that we make either in this lifetime or another.  They are very much like agreements we make on a daily basis, like agreeing to take the kids to school, or feeding them, or going to work, etc.  There are many energetic agreements that we make with the verbal ones, and some of them stay lingering energetically if we haven’t consciously resolved them.  This stagnant energy bogs us down and so we clear these agreements.



Def: Organizations of psychic energy between yourself and someone or something else. Psychic agreements are held in place/space through cords. When we review agreements it’s helpful to invite our healing guide to assist us. Our healing guide will help support our review and offer guidance and context for any agreements that we wish to explore at a deeper level.

Remember, this system operates on the premise that if we see it, we’re ready to release it. And, there are no rules, other than “your body, your rules.” So with our healing guide as a support resource, we can decide to do with every agreement that lights up in our space.

Agreements are released through metaphoric imagining. For example: if an individual psychically perceives an agreement as a written document, an imaginative metaphor to release the agreement could be:

  • –  A large eraser that erases the text on the document
  • –  A document shredder
  • –  A match and an ashtray to burn the document
  • –  A dog that east the agreement – hey, it worked in schoolWe’ll create a psychic environment conducive for us to assess and release agreements. We’ll be able to look at and review each agreement and make a decision to keep or release the agreement through an imaginative metaphor. And at the completion of the exercise, we’ll say hello to the person with whom we’ve evolved our agreements so he/she will know that we have changed.
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