Akashic Records
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Akashic Records


The Akashic Records is a library of all of the meaning of things from all over the universe.  It is an energetic library of knowledge, technology, and meaning of experiences.  We each have a small room with its own gardian that holds the meaning of our lives.   We are able to access our room and change the meaning of our experiences, which drastically changes our being.


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Def: The Akashic Records are an energetic storage system containing all of our experiences through time. Additionally, the meaning of our experiences is available to us through the Akashic Records.

Our experiences inform our lives. In reality, every single experience through time forms who we are in the moment.

When we participate in our life experiences, we gather our collective knowledge of the energy we’re experiencing, and we create our response, our way of being, based on our understanding of the meaning of the experience. That’s why each of us can have a different impression of the same activity or events.

Thus, each experience is par of a larger experience, which is part of an even larger set of experiences that represent the meaning we have defined for our self.

Where you have meaning, you have embodiment. Shamanic wisdom holds, “energy flows where attention goes.” That attention is meaning.

So, what happens when our embodiment, our reality, is not what we’d like it to be? Seth say, “We create our reality according to our beliefs.” –source: Nature of Reality, Jane Roberts.

Since everything is energy, and meaning creates reality, what happens if we change our energy? We change our reality.

We can change our understanding and defined meaning throughout time through the Akashic Records. If we change the meaning of some of those experiences, we change our experiences throughout time.

Different outcomes. Different responses. Higher Frequencies. Broader Awareness. Conscious Compassion.


Our Akashic Records are housed in the Akashic Record Building, which we’ll access through the upper 8th chakra. Therefore, we’ll all go to the same “building” to access our Akashic Records. Each of us has our own entryway to the building, and it takes us directly to our room.

We all have our own individual gatekeeper (similar to an aspect of self) who cares for our records through conscious intent that “it be so I the moment.” It’s the aspect of self that is in relation to and agreement with our experience in the moment. Therefore, it is also the energy that takes care of our experiences.

The gatekeeper will gather the records of any experiences or blockages or pain or playfulness or joy or humiliations, etc…for you to review.

Reviewing the records allows us to understand the meaning that we hold for our self around the experience, or emotion.

Change the Meaning

Whoever told us “information is power” may have missed the point. Meaning has power. Change the meaning and our experiences shift through time. Now we can begin to imagine the answer to the question, “How would my life be different if i…”

Using the tools to clear our space, we manifest differently, in line with our meaning. We move in conscious alignment, with the ability to check in anytime to understand the meaning of our emotions and experiences. We know we have the power (skill) to change meaning to resonate in a healing way with our energy field.

We’ll access the Akashic Records through upper 8th charka, about `15cm above our own crown, where we modulate and regulate cosmic energy.

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