Auras – 9 system
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Auras – 9 system



AURAS – 9 System

Def: The Aura for each individual exists entirely in the astral plane.  It is the place of integration between the physical and the astral.  Each auric layer is connected to and accessed by its associated Chakra.  The layers of the aura are permeable and spacious.  The aura is yin, diffuse, defines who and what you are, and how you “be”.

The first layer of the aura is associated to the first chakra, the second layer to the second chakra and so on.  Ideally, they surround the body (luminous egg), and expand out.  They interpenetrate.  They occupy the same space but at a different and ever increasing frequency.

The rings of Saturn are both separate and interpenetrating.  Each layer of gas has a different weight and volume, yet their gases interpenetrate so that each ring contains its own unique character and the character of the other rings.  The auric layers operate with the same construct.

A useful imagery for connecting the Chakras and auric field is to imagine a fine thread coming out of the chakra that expands in the correlative layer of the aura.

First layer resembles the body shape.  Second and subsequent layers shift to the “egg” shape.  Each layer is correspondingly larger and vibrates at a higher frequency than the previous layer.

Men usually feel comfortable with their auras extended 2-3 feet from their bodies.  Women are comfortable with their auras extended 5-6 feet from their bodies.  Women’s auras extend farther because their energy runs organically at a higher frequency.

The auras of each other, and all living things interact constantly.  This is where so much information is stores and exchanged. Exploring, cleaning and being aware of your aura is a fantastic tool for presence and awareness.

It’s easy to find beings/entities in the auras. The diffuse, permeable energy, and its presence in the astral plane create a comfortable, non-physical space for beings.

According to Human design, there are 4 if not 5 different aura types.  Depending on your definitions, you will have a different energetic blueprint.  Generators and Manifesting Generators have envelopping auras.  Projectors have piercing and focused auras that scan others.  Manifestors have repelling auras that bump and move others to create room and innovation.  Reflectors have a sampling and reflecting aura, enabling them to gain insight into their surroundings.

Each type has a different way of engaging and realizing themselves through their specific energy system.  It is obviously useful to understand our energetics to fully realize ourselves in this lifetime.

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