Blowing Pictures
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Blowing Pictures




Def: A method of releasing karmic impressions, psychic energy, thought forms, other people’s energy in your space.

Pictures are bound up psychic energy.  They can look like dust, specs of dirt, mist, color. They have a vibrational frequency that we may hear or sense, or we may feel the thoughtform as a constriction in our field.  For psychics who see in living color, a thoughtform may look like a three dimensional movie, or a series of photographs – like flip cartoon books many of us had as children.

Every experience creates pictures. As we engage in our lives, we bind up the associated energy of each experience we have into thoughtforms or pictures. Many of these pictures run their course successfully – we have the experience, the thoughtform or picture is created, we complete the experience (including the emotions), and the thoughtform or picture dissipates.  That’s how the process is designed to work.

Incomplete or unprocessed experiences stay bound up in our fields – either attached to other pictures or free floating in our space.  They keep energy from flowing unimpeded, and without a system of psychic hygiene our energy field resembles a closet in need of good spring-cleaning.

We release this bound up energy thought a technique called Blowing Pictures (or creating and destroying roses).  We don’t eliminate or invalidate the experience, we simply release the bound up energy that is associated to the experience.  Blowing pictures brings us into current time, releasing energy that diminishes our personal authenticity.

This process completely helps to live in presence.

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