Chakra Set
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Chakra Set

$325.00 $225.00

Chakras are elemental aspects of our energetics and keeping them balanced provides incredible health, clarity, and flow. You will learn how your energetic body reacts to different situations by observing which chakra is triggered or working during the experience.

What you get:

Neutrality Set
– grounding
– own the room
– neutrality

Cutting Cords

Blowing Pictures

Exploring and Clearing Chakras
– 9 chakra system
– 7 chakra system

With a total of 7 meditations, you’ll be on your way to transforming your life and gaining clarity in a profound way.


CHAKRA SET – in-body and out-of-body as well as the 7 & 9 chakra systems.

Become a master of the chakras with the CHAKRA SET.

Def: Sanskrit word for “wheel”. Chakras are wheel centers in the psychic body where energy is metabolized.  The Chakras are compact, yang and define/make real what you do with energy.

Chakras are both created and discovered by viewing them. As we see them, we create them. They’re naturally present AND we develop them.  This goes far into our consciousness and cellular memory, where we all function with them, most of us unconsciously.

Chakras are three-dimensional.  Like a camera lens that opens and closes, they breathe energy in and out from our inner and outer energy sources.  As we view our Chakras psychically, they may appear one-or two-dimensional, yet they are actually three-dimensional.

There are thousands of Chakras or energy centers in our bodies, like the tradition meridian points show in acupuncture.  There are more Chakras being activated as well, mostly with changes in astronomy and time that affects Earth’s changes.

There are 5 major out-of-body Chakras.  The first 3 have specific placements and have a lot to do with creativity.  The last two are unity Chakras, and exist outside our energy field.  We’ll access them through pure metaphor.

For out-of-body Chakras, the distinction between the Chakras and the layers starts to break down. They’re not quite as localized as the in-body-Chakras. They’re hybrids – half layers, half Chakras.

The 8th, 9th, and 10th out-of-body Chakras have parallel Chakras below our feet.  So, as we find the upper 8th chakra above our head, we’ll also be looking for the lower 8th Chakra below our feet.

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