Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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The art of channeling entities or spirits from beyond and relaying information has been a phenomena in human history.  There are natural people that wake up with this capacity and others who work on becoming channels.  We all have this capacity, and in this meditation we learn the cleanest and most proper way of channeling.

Def: Consciously co-creating a collaborative energetic relationship with another entity, outside of the energy field, to acquire information, energy, guidance for self and/or others. Because the relationship is engaged from outside the energy field, information acquired bypasses filters, beliefs, rules and programming as much as possible.

Unconscious channeling occurs when people bring a being or entity into the body, using the body as the receptacle for engaging and acquiring information. People who channel naturally, without having learned channeling skills are generally bringing beings into their field and “handing over the reins” of their energetics to the being throughout the interaction.

Inviting beings into the energy field dilutes the personal energetic and ownership of the field, and can create an environment where it’s unclear who’s speaking or controlling behavior.

Some Ideas to Consider

Should I channel other people’s guides if I’m doing a reading for them?

Many healers/psychics/channels elect to channel the guides of their clients, rather than using their own guides to offer information, support and guidance. When channeling, it is supportive to channel one’s own guides, rather than another individual’s. Differences in frequency and resonance between two people always exist, and the alliances that are created with one’s guides support and respect both frequency and resonance. Another person’s guides may be difficult for the energy field to comfortably manage. Fatigue, spaciness, inability to ground, headaches are common indicators that the energetic resonance of the channeled being was not supportive to the energy field.

Do guides know better? Should I do whatever they recommend?

Many people have been taught to believe that guides have an inside track or a level of authority that implies obedience to the information provided. This system operates from a different perspective.

Guides are energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Generally the higher the vibration, the clearer and cleaner the energy. Deceased relatives are not necessarily ascended masters, vibrating at thehighestleveloffrequencies. Notall“spiritguides”areusefulin current time.

One way to discern the appropriateness of information from a guide is to assess the location of the being. Is the being offering information from inside the energy field? If yes, there’s a boundary issue.

If it’s true that all embodied souls are sovereign beings, with free will and choice as the universal laws convey, a being in the energy field has usurped that boundary (perhaps with the best of intentions). Don’t
be alarmed! A being cannot enter the energy field without the energetic permission of the host body. Any being that hangs out in

the space of their host has matched the vibration of the physical body where it resides. Any being that is interested in hanging out in the physical space of their host has ignored energetic boundaries,
usurped space and diminished its ability to offer clear, unfettered guidance. If guidance theoretically comes from a higher plane (higher vibration), why is the being using a host body as a vehicle for communication?

What about our deceased relatives?

Family guides (deceased relatives) may have a lot to say (from the best of intentions) about how to live life. Choosing to release a family guide can be a very powerful way to increase personal authenticity.

Before releasing a family guide, it’s useful to dialogue with the guide
to clear any unresolved karma. This is a powerful way to break family patterns and evolve the family dynamic, without needing to confront, acknowledge or call out behaviors to family members. The energetic resonance of old patterns clear and shifts occur organically within the family system.

The Mechanics of Channeling

This system teaches channeling from outside the energy field. Doing so, the information is cleaner, clearer and less encumbered. The process is supportive of the body, energy field and retains each individual’s unique authenticity.


Upon completion of channeling, the merged aspects disengage and return to their respectful selves.

Should the channel elect to disengage permanently from the guide or being, the symbol of the being is cleared from the crown (as above).

The container is released to the ethers.

A grounding cord is set and Earth and Cosmic energy are run to reset the body, clear the field and return to engagement with physical experience.

Learning to consciously channel evolves the vibration and frequency of the crown chakra. This expanded vibration offers greater freedom, flexibility, compassion, self- love, healing ability, etc. It becomes easy and fun to hygienically channel lots of different guides. Oftentimes these guides are bigger versions of guides channeled previously. Used as a resource, ally, mentor, entities or beings offer additional insight, perceptive to support physical experience. Channeled consciously, outside the energy field, the information and energetic enhances experience, without diluting or distorting the channel’s field.

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