Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Def: Contracts are our most concrete psychic agreements that we make with our self and others. Many contracts are pre-incarnational, others are multi-incarnational; they’ve operated at a physical level across multiple lifetimes.

Contracts are always made with at least three parties involved – yourself, other and the Supreme Being. Contracts may appear a dense columns of energy in our auric fieldsandcharkas. Tothosewhoareextremelyvisual,theyoftenlooklike“legal documents,” perhaps even bound in folders.

We have no responsibility to retain any contact that we have in our space. What we chooses to do seventy lifetimes ago may no longer be relevant to us in current time. Even our contracts with those who are closest to us may not be viable or useful to us. We have a choice, and we can choose to eliminate or change any and all contracts lit up in our space.

The outcome of choosing to release (or at change) contracts in our space is greater flexibility, options, choices, authenticity, presence, self-empowerment, playfulness, forgiveness, allowance of self and others.

Eliminating contracts from our space broadness our possibilities for experience, emotional clarity, learning, growing, healing and thriving.

As with pictures, cords, karma, agreements, being in our space – if we see a contract, we’re ready to release or at least change it.

And we do not need the other person’s agreement to change or release our contracts. It’s between the Supreme Being and our self.

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