Cutting Cords
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Cutting Cords




Def: An active, ongoing psychic relationship and connection between self and other that symbiotically shares energy back and forth.  Cords not only create the ongoing relationship, but also by virtue of their presence, replenish the energy of the relationship.

The only desirable and essential cords in our space are the grounding cord with mother earth and the golden cord to the source of creation.  We’ll be amused to discover how many cords we all have in our space!

Cords often are seen from Charkas to Chakra, although they’re also attached to the psychic energy of other organs and travel through the auric field.

When we see a cord, it means we’re running someone else’s energy in our space.  Their energy is uniquely suited to them as ours is uniquely suited to us.  Thus, we want to remove cords to allow more space for our own authentic energy.

Parents of small children appropriately set multiple cords in their children to cherish and support them.  As parents it’s helpful to continuously refashion these cords so that they are appropriate to the child’s stage of development.  A newborn needs more support than a 2 year-old, for example.

Cords connect through pictures.  Continuously blow pictures while cutting cords to help the associated energies release as well.  Remove the cord and keep the picture and the cord will come right back.

Removing cords is simple. Imagine psychic hands going all the way around the Chakra, front-to-back, to-to-bottom, and side-to-side, gently removing and dropping the cords down the grounding cord.  You can also use psychic scissors, and just cut the cord.  These are most frequent with past lovers, as we usually make cords when we make love.

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