God of the Heart Reading
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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God of the Heart Reading




A psychic reading that we’ll give one another.  We’ll connect with the God of the Heart of our partner and gather information for him or her.

God of the Heart readings are usually very brief.  There is a correlative overview of an individual’s current experience that is generally offered.  The information may come through as a series of words or a phrase or two.  Sometimes a symbol or graphic representation is offered.  Always ask the God of the Heart for a translation of symbols or graphics to provide context.

It’s important to remember not to interpret what is sensed, seen or hear.

Rather, ask for the interpretation what’s received and then deliver both the perception (what was seen, felt, or heard) and the interpretation (that was offered).

Because we have a psychic relationship with everyone whether or not we are physically in relationship, remember to ask, “Is this information mine or my partner’s?”.  If the information received is for us, rather than our partner, accept the information then ask for information that is on behalf of our partner.

Throughout the reading, blow pictures.  The moment we connect with the God of Another’s Heart, We’ll light up – karma, contracts, cords, agreements and all sorts of things.  Blowing pictures prior to asking for the information for our partner allows us to heal, learn and remain in neutrality.

Level of certainty required of psychic readings:

I kinda sorta think I maybe might a seen something and I’m willing to share it with you.  This level of certainty limits our responsibility for the other person’s development and keeps you from laying trips or inflicting healings on other people.

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