God of the Heart
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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God of the Heart




Def: the ground of your being, your oversoul, your essence, your deep self.  Your portion of “God”. The portion of “Dog” that looks out toward you and the portion of you that looks in towards “God”.  The God of Your Heart underlies all of your experience.  It’s the part that is infinitely loving, infinitely courageous, infinitely playful, and infinitely adventurous.

Accessed through climbing the ladder of our Chakras to get up to a higher frequency.

The God of the Heart is always available to us, underneath, supporting, loving and enthusiastically embracing each aspect of our lives.  It does not interfere or get involved in our physical processes.  Rather, it collaborates from a deeper dimension.

We can access the God of our Heart at any time.  Insight into our physical experience as a microcosm of our Soul experience can assist us to gain perspective, clarity, resolution, release and forgiveness.

Because the God of the Heart is collaborative and nurturing, we always receive blessing and grace from conscious connection.

Using this technique as a vehicle for communication, transformation and forgiveness enables us to release karma between others and ourselves.

We’ll being by accessing the God of our Own Heart, and bring the energy into our bodies to assimilate and create a physical awareness of the energy.

Then we’ll conduct two different kinds of God of the Heart Readings.

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