Healing Guides
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Healing Guides




DEF: We all have healing guides that are our unique energy made for healing.  They are higher frequencies that live within and without our space, but have direct access to our space and work through us to heal others and us.

We’re going to connect with our healing guides and give each other healings using our hand Chakras.  The purpose of this exercise is to create conscious awareness of and relationship with our unique healing guide.  This is different than hands-on healing.  It’s easy to program someone else’s space when doing hands-on healing.  To avoid programming, please refrain from touching one another when doing this work.

When doing a healing with a healing guide, we always use our own healing guide to help us.  Accessing another’s healing guide is the same as running someone else’s energy in our space.  It diminishes our sense of presence, authenticity and ability to be in the moment.  Remember to close the 2nd chakra down to the size of a golf ball to avoid bringing the healee’s energy into our space, reading the healee or being “responsible” for the healee’s experience.

Simply let the healing guide do the healing, using our hand Chakras to deliver the energy.  The healing energy is subtle – it may feel like a slight breeze, or sensations of heat, cold.  The guide may use up to the elbows to deliver the healing, but the energy will mostly flow through the hands.

Knowing when to stop is often the hardest part.  The energy simply stops flowing. By moving the hand away, we can test whether the healing energy is still flowing.  If the hand feels drawn back, it’s not done.  Don’t hesitate to ask the healing guide questions.  “Are you done”” “ all Set” “Do you need more time?”.

When the work is done, thank the guide and ask him or her to go up and back behind the aura.  Then ground, own the room, run energy and create separation with the healee and with the healing guide.

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