Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Karma is not simply the idea of cause and effect, it is energy that stays unresolved in our aura and filters our energetic reality so that we attract what we are meant to resolve. Karma is bound up unresolved energy coming from past actions of old past lives. When we clear it, it allows us to change habits, patterns, relationships and brings us into alignment with our destiny.



Def: Buddhist/Hindu interpretation – everything you do from an unenlightened spaces creates karma.
Psychic interpretation – events that the Soul is personally interested in because the events are incomplete and create psychic pain – or energetic attention.

Karma appears in our auric field as a flat disc or circle – often appearing like stacks of dinner plates. Alternatively, karma may appear as waves of energy in our space. Wave energy has a swelling, cresting and receding phase that helps us discern the energy in our field.

To release karma that appears as discs or dinner plates, we’ll use a form of psychic homeopathy. We’ll look in our field to find a trace of energy from the individual with whom we’re sharing karma, and we’ll place it on the stack. The energy dissipated, the karma clears.

If we experience karma as a wave of energy hanging or floating in our space, we can “dive” through it as it’s nearing its crest, dissipating the karma and clearing our space.

We do not need the permission of the other individual to dissolve or dissipate shared karma. We can simply release it from our space and allow the other person to work out hi or her karma with someone else.

Karma can be cleared at a relationship/individual level or at an emotional level. We’ll invite karma with an individual to light up, clear and release. In the second instance, karma associated with rage, grief, despair, fear, joy, lust, silliness, etc…can be explored and cleared.

Releasing karma enables us to achieve neutrality and forgiveness. Conversely, neutrality and forgiveness keep karma from incurring in our space.

For those of you who go to meetings in a corporate environment, doing the grounding and owning the room exercise helps bring presence and control of your own vision and strategy within the meeting.

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