Own The Room
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Own The Room


Owning the room is another very powerful tool to create and own your unique energetic space in any situation.  It is also how we set our frequency in the universe and become present as masters of our energetics.  This is also a pre-requesite meditation for all others.

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Def: Psychically creating and expanding your ability to be supported and entitled to thrive. Understanding your relationship with the universe and how that relationship enables you to thrive.

Owning the room is a foundation energy management technique that helps us to create space for our selves, without diminishing or negating anyone else’s space.

So 1500 people can be in a grand ballroom, and each individual can own the room, and each individual will have space to thrive, and the entire ballroom will have more space for everyone to thrive.  This is essential when some auras are too present, and you feel dominated…then you own the room/space and you can retain balance.

Coupled with grounding, owning the room supports the physical and energetic body for each and every experience (activity, task, event moment) so that the individual feels stable, present, in the moment and self-responsible.  

Owning the room is a level of psychic awareness and presence that increases our perceptivity and discernment and fosters authenticity, moment by moment.

For those of you who go to meetings in a corporate environment, doing the grounding and owning the room exercise helps bring presence and control of your own vision and strategy within the meeting.

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