CLAIRESSENCE | Pre-Requisite-Neutrality Set
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Pre-Requisite-Neutrality Set

$65.00 $50.00

Neutrality is the pre-requisit for all the other meditations, as it is the basics of finding a balanced state energetically to then do more work.  It is a set of tools (3 meditations – grounding, own the room and running energy) that create and reinforce your aura so that you are protected, clear, and consciously present.


NEUTRALITY SET (pre-requisite)

These three meditations are the basis of the full series.  These three meditations combine to create what is called “neutrality” – a state of being that is neutral, balanced, protected, and clear.  This state is where we begin the rest of the exploration of our energetic field so that we can always regain neutrality and understand anything that disturbs our state of neutrality.


These three mediations alone are an incredible set of tools for our modern way of life.

  • Grounding – needed to feel stable and to impact the material plane.  Can help relieve stress and disease.
  • Owning the Room – a way of owning our energetic space and coming into presence.
  • Running Energy – connecting to Source and connecting this with Earth energy creates the basis for our dual reality.

With these meditations, we can already feel shifts in our perception and our reality.  Highly recommended if you want to try this system out before investing in the full set.

We look forward to hearing form you.

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