Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Programs are thoughts and belief systems, rules of the mind, the “i have to” mindsets that can filter our reality and mis-shape it for us. These are ideas that we hold in our space, and if you see them, they’re ready to go. As we believe in things, we get to experience a certain reality that those beliefs help shape. Once we’ve finished with those experiences, then we can move on to new beliefs. Sometimes the old ones stay and create some clogging. Time to remove the programs, and watch your life lighten and sharpen in clarity.



Def: Interconnected pictures working together to create an operating instruction system that out pictures as behavioral traits, tendencies, triggers, reflex responses etc.

Many of us can clearly understand the abstract concept of programming through remembering our early religious instruction, or perhaps familial or cultural “codes of behavior.” Heaven, Hell, good, Evil, How “good girls or boys behave,” are examples of programming.

A picture in our space is about the size o an iron filing – miniscule unless enlarged psychically to identify the energy of the picture. Programming appears like dust filtered through sunlight. It’s a random pattern of miniscule pictures in motion together in the energy field.

We’ll discover our programming by throwing a purple light into the auric field, observing from a neutral, playful space.

We’ll release it by creating a psychic energy and running it through the random patterns of pictures. Or, we can elect to create and destroy roses, moving all of the lit up programming out on to roses.

Finding and dissipating programming allows us to develop and create authentic responses in the moment, rather than behaving from a preconditioned, automatic response driven from historical information that may or may not resonate in current time.

When we remove programming, remember to refill the energy field with our own energy. As we release programming, our authentic selves emerge and blossom.

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