Psychic Screen Exploration
Clairessence Meditations open up your awareness towards your quantum energetic field and help you master your energetic body.
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Psychic Screen Exploration








Def: Three distinct psychic spaces where energy can be read using an in-body approach. Psychic screens create distance between the person and information that is read and the reader’s energy field.

Psychic screens allow us to look at, read and understand any information about our self and others without moving into responsibility or rapport with the information.

There are three psychic screens. When viewed psychically, they appear as black velvet rectangles. Most psychics develop a level of comfort with one particular screen and use it consistently for the reading themselves or others.

It’s a good practice to create a hygienic approach with all three screens. Like charkas and auras, energetically cleaning cords, pictures, contracts, agreements, beings from our psychics screens allows for greater authenticity and clearer relationships.

When using screens to read someone, put a rough image of the individual on a psychic screen and allow the details to fill themselves in on the screen – charkas, auras, color, movement etc..

Screen Locations

The first screen is in the center of the head. It is separate and distinct from the center of the head, but it is housed there.

The second screen is 12-15 cm away from the third eye The third screen is 50 cm away from the third eye.

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